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Comodo Unite 3.0.2

This is an instant messaging software application that allows any user to create a secure and encrypted VPN, through which they can talk to others.

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Comodo Unite 3.0.2

Use Virtual Private Networks With Ease

Version reviewed 3.0.2 on: 20 Jun 2015
  • Currently 4/5

 Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are very useful. Many offices and organizations make use of this type of network for efficient and controlled communication. There are many software applications that allow people to use these networks and enjoy private networking with ease. The security of these private networks depends on the applications used to create them. It is very essential to use a proper software application for this purpose. There are many applications that give you the ease of creating such VPNs. Comodo Unite is one of the best solution for all your needs.

 About Comodo Unite

 Comodo Unite is a software application that lets you create VPNs without any hassles. You can easily create a private network and use it according to your needs. This software helps people to use private networks in a few easy steps. If you wish to access private networks and exchange data with ease, Comodo Unite is the best way to perform this activity. It lets you create your own private network with friends or colleagues. 

 Understanding Comodo Unite

 Comodo Unite gives excellent service to those interested in using a private network. It is a well designed software that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage a VPN. You will get many facilities with Comodo Unite.
 Here are some things that Comodo Unite does very well:
 - You can download and install Comodo Unite on all the desktops you want to connect and start using this service in no time.
 - Compatible with all kinds of systems.
 - Secure transfer of data.
 - Easy to manage.
 - Perfect for all your requirements. You can use it for office use or just regular use.
 - The interface is designed in such a way that you can perform variety of activities with this software. 
 - Free software.

 Advantages Of Comodo Unite

 As stated earlier, there are many software applications that let you create and use VPNs. However, Comodo Unite has many advantages over other applications. It is designed in such a way that it protects all your data from going in wrong hands. It is completely safe to use. You can create and join networks together. This and many other benefits make this software a better choice.

 Comodo Unite is surely worth trying. You will be happy to use this software. You can live chat with friends and get instant results from this software. Overall, Comodo Unite is very good for all your needs.

Comodo Unite Review:

 Comodo Unite, formerly known as ComodoEasyVPN, allows its users to easily create secure and encrypted VPNs (virtual private networks) between groups of computers. This way, they are able to talk and share files with people from all over the globe in a secure manner. 

 A virtual private network basically extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet. This is all possible by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, encryption or a combination of the two.

New to Comodo Unite version:
1.  Ability to login to multiple locations with the same user account.
2.  'My Computers' section shows all your computers which are logged in.
3.  New long awaited Unite service to establish computer connection via VPN before Windows login.
4.  Unite web based system to manage Networks, contacts and personal information which also includes a search feature for networks and contacts.
5.  Unicode support, for user profile information and networks.
6.  Feature to stop remote control from computer being controlled from a computer under My Computers.
8.  Help information for facebook login username when adding 3rd party IM accounts

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